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Big Island

Big Island



Hawaii - the BIG Island - The largest island and the least populated per square mile. Home of Kilauea, the worlds most active Volcano, The Kona Coast, Kona Coffee, thousand pound bill fish, whales, dolphins, and eleven of the 14 known climate zones in the world - from desert lavascapes to tropical rain forests to beaches to snow on the tops of 13,000 foot volcanoes. Hilo, on the wet side, is the county seat while Kona on the dry side is the most popular destination. Total area is 4,038 sq. miles - 93 miles long and 76 miles wide with 266 miles of coastline. The population is a little over 120,000 residents. The highest point is Mauna Kea at 13,796 ft above sea level and home to a number of world famous astronomical observatories. Mauna Loa, also stands tall - at 13,680 feet above sea level and over 31,000 feet when measured from its rise on the ocean floor - making it the tallest mountain in the world from base to summit. On its southest flank you will find the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea - home to the legendary Hawaiian goddess, Pele. Driving Times Kona to Hilo - 2 hours 14 minutes Kona to Volcano - 2 hours 30 minutes Kona to Waimea - 50 minutes Keahole Airport to Kona - 20 minutes Keahole Airport to Kohala - 20 minutes Kohala to Kona - 40 minutes Hilo to Volcano - 45 minutes Hilo to Waimea - 1 hour 15 minutes Hilo to Kohala - 1 hour 45 minutes

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